Sunday, June 13, 2021

I'm on the Red List!

Happily Destroyed started out as my entry in the 3-Day Novel Contest (top-ten finalist, baby!). After a BUNCH of revisions, the short novel was finally published direct to Amazon, and I'm quite proud of it. 

It's a sci-fi/fairy tale mash-up about THE HAPPILY, a paradise dimension where everyone is royalty... where every meal is a feast... where your loyal clockwork subjects burst into song at pre-scheduled intervals... and where you can never, ever leave.

It's a trip. And as of this morning, it's ranked #9 in the fantasy manuscript category of the Red List, Coverfly's ranking of hot new projects! It first got on Coverfly's radar thanks Screencraft, and it's in consideration for a couple more contests right now. Fingers crossed!